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“I am pleased to discuss my experience with Jacqui Caruso-Smith as life coach for my daughter, Chelsea. Jacqui and Chelsea worked together for one and a half years.

Jacqui was hired to work with my daughter Chelsea who is 33 years old, high functioning learning disabled and diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. She has ADD and Grand Mal seizures. Currently, Chelsea doesn’t have a regular job, but is capable of doing life skill tasks. She has organizational skill dysfunction and is working on improving her social skills. Chelsea’s gift in life is her extreme talent in vocal music and music theory. She has performed in many venues including as an opening act for people like George Benson and Tony Bennett.

With all of Chelsea’s levels of functioning, Jacqui worked on setting up a daily schedule for Chelsea to follow with a time management component. A reward system was set up for her parents to follow. In the weekly sessions, activities in role playing for social improvement and decision making showed results after a few weeks. Also, their weekly sessions included preparation for her performances, working on how to approach a rehearsal and steps to take in her actual show.

Chelsea isn’t easy to work with at times. Jacqui was able to be flexible with her session planning in order to keep the activities fun and productive. Jacqui involves parents in the process to work on skills during the week. Also, Jacqui communicated with Chelsea’s doctors and other professionals. She reported progress or had a dialog with them on how to work through a situation.

The thing that impressed me most about Jacqui is that she sincerely wants Chelsea to succeed, communicates with parents and has a real team approach.”